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GkrellStock Plugin

Plugin to GKrellM monitors given stock tickers from different markets(USA, Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia).
Released under the GNU Public License.
Author: Muthu
Current version: 0.4
GkrellM2.0 Port version: 0.5.1

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Whats New!!!!

  • Version 0.5.1 for GkrellM2.0 released! This is bug fix release as variable name was clashing with gkrellShoot plugin. If you are using gkrellStock and gkrellShoot please upgrade to this release.

  • Version 0.4 released! Option to scroll set of tickers. Config option tab UI changed.

    Please Note that Upgrade from any previous release need to re-enter all tickers as the way of storing tickers has changed.

This Plugin gives easy monitoring of stock tickers from different markets like USA, Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. Perl script to fetch quote details from Yahoo Finance using Finance::Quote perl module. ToolTip gives details of the Ticker.

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Enjoy !!